An Ex-Muslim’s Project to Show Women After They Finally Took Off Their Hijabs

***Update***: The new site is right here.

Marwa Berro, who has written quite a bit about leaving Islam, is embarking on a new project to empower women who used to wear head/face coverings but who have since proudly taken them off:

It’s not just before and after shots of their faces. The project will also feature:

… ex-hijabis with awesome hairstyles and tattoos and piercings. Ex-hijabis in bikinis and little black dresses and cargo pants and hiking boots. Ex-hijabis who are femme and ex-hijabis who are butch. Ex-hijabis who are women and ex-hijabis who are men. Ex-hijabis topless and legsome and all decked out and minimalistic and with long hair and buzzcuts and everything. EVERYTHING.

Marwa has answered many questions about the project on her site — and she also has all the contact information there if you’d like to participate.

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