How Christians React to Your Atheism

Deanna Boudov is an atheist surrounded by a lot of Christian family members and she created several beautiful illustrations of the reactions she’s received from them — including outright denial of her godlessness and character assassination:

This is just a small sampling of things our parents are allowed to say to us without any reflection that what they are saying at best invalidates our feelings, and at worst is emotionally abusive… The hilarious part is, often we hear this crap before we can even tell our story. Sometimes they pretend to listen to us just to wait until they can talk at us some more. If you are the child of a Christian narcissist, they don’t really care about any choices you make for your life and happiness that do not correlate to their limited world-view.

Her full story will resonate with a lot of readers, I’m sure, and there are more graphics, too. Check it out.

(via Godless in Dixie)

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