Minnesota Interfaith Group Changes Its Name to Become More Inclusive of Atheists

When you mention the word “Interfaith” around atheists, you often hear a lot of pushback against the word itself. Even if an interfaith dialogue is supposed to represent a conversation between people of all different beliefs, I’ve heard atheists say something like, Atheism isn’t a faith, so “interfaith” excludes us by definition.

Well, a group in Minnesota has finally taken a positive step toward becoming more inclusive.

The St. Paul Interfaith Network in Minnesota hosts a monthly meeting called the “Interfaith Conversation Cafe” (ICC) where different groups come together to talk about whatever that month’s theme is.

Two of those groups were the Secular Bible Study and First Minneapolis Circle of Reason. They lobbied for the ICC to change its name to reflect their participation… and it worked!

Say hello to the just-renamed “Inter-belief Conversation Cafe“:

As far as I know, that marks the first time an interfaith group has opted out of using that term in favor of something more inclusive to non-religious people.

Inter-belief still sounds a little clunky… but it’s the thought that counts. Let’s see if other like-minded groups follow that trend.

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