The Bloggers at the Skeptic Ink Network Just Published Their First Book

The bloggers at the Skeptic Ink Network did something that I can’t believe other networks (including this one) don’t do on a regular basis: They wrote original pieces and compiled them into a collection called 13 Reasons to Doubt:

Having looked through the book, it’s informative, all over the place subject-wise (I mean that in the best possible way), and a great introduction to a range of personalities. It not only broadens their own reach, it furthers their goals of spreading skepticism and critical thinking. Good for them. (There’s no reason serious individual bloggers couldn’t create something similar with cleaned-up versions of their old posts.)

I know it took them some time to create this product, but I hope the SIN writers keep this going, publishing books on a regular basis and finding an audience beyond just their own sites.

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