Black Skeptics Los Angeles Announces Winners of ‘First in the Family’ Scholarships

A few months ago, I mentioned that the group Black Skeptics Los Angeles was raising money for its fantastic “First in the Family” scholarship fund:

Last year, Black Skeptics Los Angeles (BSLA), a 501c3 organization, spearheaded its First in the Family Humanist Scholarship initiative, which focuses on providing resources to undocumented, foster care, homeless and LGBTQ youth who will be the first in their families to go to college. Responding directly to the school-to-prison pipeline crisis in communities of color, BSLA is the first atheist organization to specifically address college pipelining for youth of color with an explicitly anti-racist multicultural emphasis.

Their goal was to give away at least four scholarships worth $1,000 each — just as they did last year — and I’m thrilled to tell you they were able to raise the money.

Check out the descriptions of the scholarship recipients and you’ll see some fantastic current and future activists. Huge thanks to BSLA, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and all the donors who made the scholarships possible!

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