How Many Mistakes Can You Spot in This Christian Children’s Book About Spiders?

Normally, if I have an issue with religious books targeted at children, it’s that the authors are teaching their beliefs as facts.

But reader Lauren recently came across a Christian book explaining spiders and snakes and the like to children… and found some other kinds of mistakes:

How does one page in the book contain so many mistakes…?

Spiders, by definition, have eight legs. Not just “most” of them. And there is a species of spider that has a mostly herbivorous diet. (Also, God didn’t make them, but I guess that’s the least of our worries here.) (Edit: Apparently, there are also more than 40,000 species of spiders, not 30,000. So there’s that.)

I figured all that out with a few seconds on Google.

How lazy were the author and editor? It’s one thing to say your beliefs are facts, but you shouldn’t get the actual facts wrong, too.

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