We’d Like to Highlight Your Secular Group!

We’re looking for secular groups from small towns, big cities, and every nook in-between to showcase on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page in a recurring feature. We hope to connect people with groups they didn’t know existed in their areas, spread creative ideas to groups that are struggling to grow, and bring much needed motivation to community activism. Let’s show the world what hands can do when they’re unclasped!

If you can fill out most of the questions below, your group is probably a good candidate to be showcased on our page. We hope to hear from you! E-mail submissions to me at SecularGroups@gmail.com!

Group name:


Mission Statement:

Links to group’s Facebook. website, Twitter, etc.:

When was your group established?

What does your group do for fun to connect with each other?

What community/volunteer activities does your group participate in, if any?

What political/social activism does your group do, if any?

Does your group have a favorite charity to fundraise for or promote?

Do you have any stories to share about your city having a positive reaction to your group?

What are some challenges your group has faced?

What advice would you like to share with other groups struggling to grow or are just starting up?

**Please attach some photos of your group as a whole, in action, and having fun**

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