House Candidate Jody Hice: Electing Atheists to Congress Would Be “a Frightening Thing”

Jody Hice is the GOP nominee for an open U.S. House seat in Georgia and while his past comments are coming back to haunt him, this 2003 interview with the Trinity Broadcasting Network is a perfect reminder of what’s at stake in these elections.


Hice talks about how, if you don’t elect Christians to Congress, the result will be “disastrous.” Host Ben Kinchlow adds that Judeo-Christian principles are the only reason we have an orderly transition of power between leaders and that, without God, we’d have revolutions and people killing each other. Hice, not surprisingly, agrees completely.

This is someone who has a legitimate chance of becoming a member of Congress.

We should all be freaked out.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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