In Georgia, an Atheist and a Christian Stage a Public Dialogue at a Local Bar

Justin Mullinix, an atheist from Georgia, recently volunteered to sit down with Will Dyer, a local pastor, in front of a large crowd at a bar and answer questions from the audience. It wasn’t a debate. It wasn’t confrontational. It was just a chance for everyone to watch a civil dialogue about serious differences in opinion:

The considerate and knowledgeable exchange is exactly what Monkey Barrel owner Albert Reeves had in mind. The bar and restaurant owner felt inspired to instigate a calm conversation between the Baptist minister and the atheist.

“From talking with both of them and them both being friends of mine, I want to share with others how easy it could be to talk with each other,” Reeves said. “And I wanted to make sure it was not a debate, it was a discussion.”

High fives all around. It’d be great to see more public dialogues like this happening everywhere.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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