Even a Right Wing Attorney Says the Air Force Shouldn’t Reject an Atheist Who Disagrees with “So Help Me God” in Oath

***Update***: Wow, even Gordon Klingenschmitt agrees that an atheist should be able to omit the phrase from the oath.

It’s not often I get to say this, but OneNewsNow.com and the American Family Association is right.

I feel dirty…

Anyway, in response to the Air Force service member who was rejected for re-enlistment because he refused to sign an oath with the words “So Help Me God,” the AFA’s general counsel Patrick Vaughn writes:

Refusing to allow an Air Force sergeant who is an atheist to reenlist on the grounds that he will not take a “so help me God” oath violates Article 6 of the Constitution and the First Amendment. The loyalty oath is required by a single sentence in Article 6 that also allows a non-religious affirmation as an acceptable alternative and stipulates that no religious test shall ever be required (1). Long ago, the Court of Military Appeals clarified that “In cases of affirmation the phrase ‘So help you God’ will be omitted” (2).

The men who adopted the Constitution wisely evaluated that the tyranny of allowing government to judge whether a citizen was acceptably religious was a greater threat to the nation than allowing a person’s statement of loyalty to stand without an oath.

Nicely done, Vaughn…

I think we need a unique name for this sort of action, when a Christian you expect to say something crazy ends up making perfect sense.

I suggest the Pat Robertson Frequency. Because even he, on occasion, has the ability to surprise us with rationality.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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