Thanks to You, a Public Library Targeted by Conservative Christian Activists Just Received a Large Donation

Back in November, we heard about a Creationist mother who laughably “audited” an evolution exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History and posted the video on YouTube.

It turns out that mother, Megan Fox, is the same person who (with a friend of hers) had been a pain in the side of my local library for the past year. The library doesn’t censor the Internet and Fox saw that as sanctioning “taxpayer funded access to child porn.” Her actions have already cost the library more than $125,000, effectively taking money away from educational purposes.

I asked readers of this site to respond to her ignorance by contributing to a fundraiser for the library.

I made a video about it, too:

Within a month, you all raised an astonishing $7,614. After GoFundMe took its cut, the total amount was $6,918.49.

Yesterday, I visited the Orland Park library and gave them the check:

(You can see confirmation of that transaction right here.)

It doesn’t entirely undo the damage that Fox has caused, but I can tell you the staffers I met with appreciated how much support they had from all across the country.

The money’s not earmarked. They can use it for whatever purposes they need.

Maybe they’ll even buy a few more science books so Fox can learn something.

(Portions of this article were posted earlier)

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