Raif Badawi Has Been Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, According to Norwegian Media

While the fate of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi (below) is still up in the air — he’s received 50 lashes of a 1,000-lashes punishment for “insulting Islam,” though the flogging has been indefinitely delayed — there’s some news that could bring even more positive attention his way.

According to a Norwegian news outlet, two members of the nation’s ParliamentSnorre Valen and Karin Andersen — have nominated both Badawi and his imprisoned lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A Change.org petition to make that nomination happen announced the news in an update yesterday.

To be honest, I doubt Badawi has any chance of getting the prize — while he’s been physically harmed for a victimless crime, past winners (like Malala Yousafzai) have also been tireless advocates for their causes. Badawi simply hasn’t had a chance to be that sort of advocate yet. If and when he’s freed, I would love to see him speak out against blasphemy laws — and then I could see him being a Peace Prize winner. But for now, the nomination could at least draw more attention to his plight.

Snorre Valen, the legislator who nominated him, has previously nominated Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning for the same honor.

(via Sean McGuire)

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