Here’s How You Can See All the Colors of That Stupid Dress

If you’ve been online in the past hour or two, you’ve undoubtedly seen this picture:

What colors do you see in that dress?

I see white and gold. My wife sees black and blue.

My wife is clearly wrong. (As are all the other people who seem to see colors that just aren’t there…)

While the jury is still out on what exactly is happening, there is a simple way you can see the other colors.

Just tilt the screen around. Seriously. A different angle may help you see the other colors. (Check out the bottom image in this Vice post.)

It’s kind of like this optical illusion:

What colors are the blocks? Are they different?

Put your finger over the center line and you’ll see that they’re both the exact same color.

Just like A and B are the same color in the illusion below:

Our mind can play tricks with us. No one’s going crazy, but not everyone understands how they can be deceived by their own brains.

Spoiler: The actual dress is — without argument — black and blue. Stupid dress…

(Thanks to @BJPrice1 for the image. This post has been edited since initially going up)

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