Christian Missionary Proud that She Rescued Someone from the Horrors of Catholicism

Remember Jessica Tidwell? She’s the Christian missionary who was disappointed that Kenya wasn’t the hellhole she hoped it would be because, presumably, it deprived her from having an ideal photo-op.

In her latest dispatch from Africa, she tells the story of how she “saved” someone… who was simply the wrong kind of Christian:

He began to pray over her in Swahili and I have no idea what he said but I know a few words and there was a whole lot of “Baba” {Father} and “Mungu” {God} and “Jesu Christo {Jesus} so I figured if he said Father, God and Jesus a whole bunch, we did pretty good.

And he started to pray over that woman and explain the blessing and privilege.

See, she had on her wall a whole bunch of fragmented pages of outdated calendars with pictures of the pope and she was wearing prayer beads with a crucifix on it. Because, somewhere in her was a hunger for truth. She grabbed on to whatever represented God closest to her. And she was hanging on to that!

How dare that poor African woman believe in Jesus the wrong way?

As one commenter on her site even tells her:

You said, “She grabbed on to whatever represented God closest to her. And she was hanging on to that!” That’s exactly what you were to her: whatever represented God closest to her. Last week is was rosary beads, this week it was you, next week it will be someone or something else.

So… congratulations, Jessica. You successfully converted a Catholic to “proper” Christianity. You introduced God to someone who already believed in your God. Even by Christian standards, that seems pretty weak.

Have fun patting yourself on the back for that one as you continue on the vacation you dub a mission trip.

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