In Iraq, A Nine-Year-Old Is Shot Through the Head To Shouts of “God is Great”

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?

Not if you consider what Shia militiamen did to a nameless Iraqi boy, about nine years old, suspected of being an ISIS sympathizer. The men who captured him think that he shot at them, a charge he denies:

“By God, I did not fire one single bullet!”

For a few moments, it seems as if one fighter, who still has a shred of humanity left, will save the boy’s life. He steps in front of the captive and shouts

“What’s wrong with you? Nobody shoot!”

But then he is ordered to step aside, and a fellow soldier fires a salvo into the boy’s head and body, killing him instantly… to enthusiastic cries of “Allahu Akbar!

The execution, caught on video (caution: highly disturbing), immediately became an ISIS propaganda piece, as the two sides struggle to accuse each other of committing the worse atrocities.

(via Danthropology)

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