Nebraska’s New State Patrol Superintendent Has a History of Proselytizing While on the Job

Brad Rice (below), the person tapped to be the next superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, is going to provide this site with a hell of a lot of material during his tenure.

There was already an accusation that Rice once said “women don’t belong in law enforcement,” a statement he denies.

But there’s no denying how he pushes his Christianity while on the job:

“[Rice] was upset with me,” [employee Kent] Hanlin said. “He basically told me I was going to hell because of my beliefs.”

Rice, described by former co-workers as a deeply religious Christian, also frequently started mandatory staff meetings with a prayer, Hanlin said. And, he added, Rice would sometimes distribute religious pamphlets to some of the employees he supervised.

I should point out that Rice fixed his mistakes after people shared their concerns, but it didn’t seem to stop him from proselytizing again. He’s the sort of guy who asks for forgiveness rather than permission.

And for ignoring the law multiple times, he’s now one of the top law enforcement officers in the state.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)


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