New Documents Reveal Even More Sad Details About the Josh Duggar Child Molestation Scandal

In Touch magazine, which first broke the Josh Duggar child molestation scandal, has obtained even more damning documents that make everything worse.

Here’s what we now know:

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  • Josh Duggar confessed three separate times to his father about what he was doing.
  • He was 15 when he molested his 5-year-old sister. (And they were not “playing doctor.”)
  • He committed at least seven such acts.
  • His parents knew about all of this for 16 months before doing anything… and even then, it was hardly enough.


Several legal experts tell In Touch that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar could have faced up to six years in prison for their actions and been charged with Permitting Abuse of a Minor (Arkansas Code 5-27-221).

The new police report continues to raise questions about why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar failed to act in alerting authorities despite Josh’s repeated confessions of sexual molestation and why they didn’t do more to protect their daughters.

The statute of limitations has expired, but the court of public opinion is heavily against them. TLC has not yet cancelled their show permanently, though they have stopped old episodes from airing while all of this goes down.

Megyn Kelly should have plenty of material to work from for her interview tonight… that is, if she decides to ask any substantive questions.

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