In Stirring Sermon, Black Preacher Points Out Hypocrisy of the Church on Issue of Homosexuality

This could have gone a lot of horrible ways… but Pastor Dewey Smith surprised me, going after the hypocrisy of those in the Christian church who condemn homosexuality while ignoring their own “sins.” It just gets better as it goes along…

To be fair, the congregation isn’t giving him an enthusiastic reception; it sounds mixed at best. And it’s not like Smith is saying there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. He’s treating it as one sin among many others. So he’s still on the wrong side of the aisle… but it could be worse.

That said, given the faulty Christian teaching that there’s something wrong with you if you’re gay, it’s refreshing to hear a pastor say LGBT people don’t have it easy and that churches would be missing out on a lot without their inclusion.

Smith is the pastor of The House of Hope church in Georgia.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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