A Florida Satanist is Forcing City Councils to Make a Decision About Invocation Prayers

The last time we saw Chaz Stevens, the atheist-turned-Satanist was told he couldn’t deliver an invocation at a meeting of the Coral Springs (FL) City Commission because officials had no desire to see a prayer that involved — I’m not kidding here — twerking and/or a mariachi band.

Instead of preventing him from speaking and creating a legal problem for themselves, the commissioners decided to shut down invocations altogether.

And that’s happened at several other city councils, too. They have to choose between allowing a Satanist to speak or getting rid of invocations completely. Stevens doesn’t care either way. He wants to force their hand.

An article in the Sun Sentinel (behind a paywall) explains his logic:

[Stevens] said the religion and prayer employed in just about all public proceedings have no chance of solving society’s ills any more than his invocation tactics that could involve a Mariachi band. Invocations happen, yet children still go to bed hungry in those same cities, he said.

“When you encounter such bold acts of stupidity, you have to think of an even bolder act of stupidity,” he said. “You’ve got to up the nonsense factor.”

And before anyone mocks a Satanist, keep in mind that the current invocations are mostly delivered by people who think a dead man came back to life and whose mother was a virgin.

Stevens isn’t upping the nonsense factor. He’s just giving nonsense a different flavor.

(Image via YouTube)

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