Festivus Pole Vandalized Outside Washington Capitol

Earlier this week, a rainbow-colored Festivus pole went up outside the Capitol building in Olympia, Washington, where there was a Nativity scene on the property.

But this was the pole two days later:

Chaz Stevens, who has been creating these displays and shipping them across the country, said in an email that the county has at least been cooperative.

While we thoroughly approve of airing one’s grievances, we cannot simply condone violence against one’s private property.

… This matter is being taking very seriously, as it should… in our book, it’s a hate crime. Washington State Police have been alerted, and luckily for us, there may be video surveillance footage of the caper.

For the record, we note staff has been exceptionally polite and helpful from day one, and we don’t hold the accountable or responsible for this wanton act of stupidity.

No word yet on whether the pole will be erected again.

(Images via Chaz Stevens)

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