Atheist Billboard Saying “Go Ahead and Skip Church!” Vandalized in Colorado

Looks like this theist was too busy during Christmas to find time to commit a misdemeanor, so vandalizing an atheist holiday billboard with the words “GOD’S NOT DEAD” had to be put off until the new year.

The billboard, located on I-25 in Fountain, Colorado, is part of American Atheists’ annual campaign to help closeted atheists recognize they’re not alone. It serves as encouragement for opting out of the religious aspects of the holidays.


Go ahead and skip church!

Just be good for goodness’ sake.

Happy holidays!

A seemingly harmless message — but for those insecure in their faith, drowning out the doubt can only be achieved with a bucket of paint and a played out Christian mantra.

Incidentally, this is what the billboard is supposed to look like:


(Thanks to Randy Gotovich for the tip and photo)

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