Atheist Extends Open Invitation to Community to Come Over to Her House for a Christmas Meal

This is a little belated but what a wonderful story.

On Christmas, Asheville (North Carolina) resident Angelica Jasso extended an open invitation to anyone in her community to drop on by her home to get a hot, fresh, free meal.

She was compelled to do that because, as an atheist, she knew God wasn’t about to fill anyone’s stomach.


… Jasso just moved from Southern California to the western North Carolina mountains. She said she is an atheist, but feels the Christmas holiday should be focused on compassion and kindness and not about religion.

“I believe it’s totally fine to be good without God,” said [Jasso]. “You don’t necessarily need to find religion to be a good person. You can have morals, be decent, help people without it being on the basis of a reward, or in lieu of a punishment.”

Jasso told me that 50 people showed up that day and any leftovers were given to a local veteran’s shelter. She hopes to host a similar event in the future.

Now that’s how you wear your Humanism on your sleeve.

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