Mark Zuckerberg, in Five Words, Reminds Us of the Importance of Vaccines

It’s so easy to dislike someone with Mark Zuckerberg‘s wealth or influence, but hats off to the guy. Not only did he pledge to give away the bulk of his fortune, he made sure to tell the world that his newborn daughter’s getting vaccinated:


He says it so casually. And he should, since getting vaccinated shouldn’t be an issue, but he has to know that he’s stepping into a minefield.

Just consider how many ignorant people think vaccines can be delayed or ignored. Think about how even the neurosurgeon running for President couldn’t be honest about the efficacy and importance of vaccinations. Realize the effect certain celebrities have had in spreading misinformation about vaccines.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but Zuckerberg isn’t just telling people about a doctor’s visit. He’s making a statement. Those five words carry a lot of weight. It’s good to see someone like him on the side of sound science, not afraid to advocate for it even in subtle ways.

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