An Atheist’s Incredible Rap Response to B.o.B and His Flat Earth Theory

Gary Gibson, Jr. (a.k.a. Gifted Anomaly), who previously released hip-hop songs about atheism here, here, and here, has a new song out called “Flatline.”

It comes in response to rapper B.o.B. insisting that the Earth is flat.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

You are a prime example of scientific illiteracy
All of those gaps in your knowledge that you’ve been filling with conspiracies
Are a symptom
Of our educational system’s

Next you’ll dismiss vaccines
Those kinds of views are dangerous dude
Bobby they’re really not helping you
I’m not naive either critical thinker I am skeptical
Don’t need to spar with you
Your testing methods are horrible
My data set’s massive enough to crush you into constituent particles
I will bomb on you till your views are infinitesimally marginal

You’ll need to listen to the song a few times to catch all the great wordplay going on here.

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