Washington State Politician Posts Another Anti-Evolution Poem on Public Facebook Page

David Madore is the Clark County (Washington) councilor who thinks evolution is a joke. The other day, he posted an original poem on his public Facebook page in which he showcased the supposed virtue of Intelligent Design.

Looks like he just published Part 2:


We’re afraid that the evidence, the overwhelming amount,
Might mean that we’ll answer, one day give account,
For the things that we did with the life that was given,
We might have to answer for the way we were living.

But we misunderstand if we feel we must shrink
From the One who equipped us to love and to think.
There’s comfort in knowing a Great One has made us.
It gives reason to live with meaning and purpose.

As you can see, the poem contains as much science as the Creation Museum.

This is the sort of person who wins elected office in some parts of the U.S.

This is why other countries make fun of us.

(Thanks to Chris for the link)

"OK, now I understand why they like the 45th president."

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