Construction Has Begun on the Largest Christian Cross in the U.S.

A 19-story-tall cross will soon become a reality in Corpus Christi, Texas. Supporters broke ground on the approximately $1,000,000 project over the weekend.

Because nothing tells Jesus “We love you” like a massive reminder of how He died.

This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.
This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.

In the beginning the cross was only to be 150 feet tall but as the plans evolved it rocketed to 210 feet. The cross will be made of steel plating and reinforced by a concrete and steel base which goes down 48 feet below grade. Hurricane force winds shouldn’t be an issue, it seems.

“The cross is so massive and so tall it will have a two foot deflection at the top, it will actually sway in the wind two feet back and forth,” [Pastor Rick] Milby told Corpus outlet KRIS-TV.

The “My God Has a Bigger Dick Than Your God” contest is scheduled to end within a year.

(Image via HUANG Zheng / Thanks to Stephen for the link)

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