NFL Star Arian Foster Reminds Super Bowl Players They Don’t Have to Thank God After the Game

Arian Foster is the NFL star running back who came out as an atheist last year.

Now, in a video for Funny or Die, he offers the players in the Super Bowl some tips on how to conduct a post-game press conference.

It includes an all-important reminder that they don’t have to thank God for that game-winning touchdown:


[Foster in mock press conference]: I just want to thank my natural talent and skill, my mother for giving birth to me, the natural laws of physics, aerodynamics, the theory of relativity, the whole network of neurons that run through and send electrical impulses through my brain, opposable thumbs — I mean, how fucking cool are these guys?!

When Foster gets himself uninjured, let’s hope he gives that exact response one day…

"Also got to play Karn Evil 9."

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