Atheist Alternative to Air Force Basic Training Church Gatherings Hits Record Attendance

A couple of years ago, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas began allowing Humanists a chance to gather on their own in lieu of attending church services during Air Force Basic Training.

Given that the previous alternative to going to church used to be staying back and cleaning the dorms, this was a welcome third option.

There were only 5 attendees when the alternative program got started.

And now?

They hit a new record over the past weekend with an astonishing 270 trainees and airmen attending a meeting.


Far from being a group for just a handful of people, the program is accommodating the growing number of Nones within the Air Force, who want a place to discuss ethics and morality without having to waste their time paying homage to a supernatural deity.

The 270 attendees include trainees, graduates, and their families.

(Image via Facebook)

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