God of the Gaps: The Music Video

Baba Brinkman, the brilliant songwriter who released The Rap Guide to Religion last year, just released the video for his song “God of the Gaps.”


What came before the big bang?
How did the first living thing get made?
And why is almost everyone alive so religious
That’s gotta be divine interventionist
But like a baby in the bath with a running tap
Those gaps are filling up fast
So what you gonna do, shut off the faucet?
Or find a new gap for god with no conflict?

God of the gaps, I claim
All that people can’t explain
For thy glory, thy fame
Hallowed be thy name

God of the gaps, I was thirsty
For answers and you nursed me
My questions got deaded
I say “God did it”

Another fantastic song. Be sure to check out the full album.

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