Bryan Fischer Says Abortions Are “Like Food for Demons”

Atheists may love to eat babies, but who knew the Devil preferred the unborn?

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer explained it all on his radio show yesterday:


When a nation sacrifices innocent children in abortion or infanticide, that is a sacrifice to demons, it’s like food for demons.

What I mean by that is that act of the shedding of innocent blood, the most innocent among us, it empowers satanic forces, it energizes satanic forces, it gives them the legal right to be at work in our culture, it energizes them, it empowers them, it gives them legal ground, it gives them permission to operate. So every time an abortion is performed in the United States of America, a jolt of power is given to Satan and to satanic forces.

When a woman has an abortion, Satan gets his wings… or something like that.

No word yet on which trimester Satan prefers the most.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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