Gravitational Waves Confirm Christian God’s Existence, Says Fox News Guest

Earlier this month, we learned of the discovery of gravitational waves, something that confirmed one of Albert Einstein‘s longstanding predictions. It was a testament to the cleverness of the scientists who went about detecting those waves and could result in a Nobel Prize in the future.

So leave it to a Fox News Channel guest to explain why the gravitational waves confirm God’s existence. Dr. Jeff Zweerink from Reasons to Believe, an Old-Earth Creationist ministry, explained it all:


In short, his argument goes like this. Gravitational waves confirm the Big Bang. The Big Bang implies there was a beginning to the universe. Someone had to cause that beginning. That cause was God. QED.

It’s not a new argument by any means. (And somehow, all of this also points to Jesus dying for your sins. Because logic.)

This is what passes for science education on Fox News.

(Thanks to Larry for the link)

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