One Woman’s Fight to Stop Deadly Accusations of Witchcraft in India

In India, where superstitions run rampant and accusations of witchcraft can be a deathwish for women like it was Salem in the 1600s, Birubala Rabha is fighting to protect them.

Journalist Vikram Singh documented her work for the New York Times:


Rabha has been successful in getting Assam State legislators to pass a law criminalizing accusations of witchcraft (the penalty could be life imprisonment if the victim commits suicide as a result). But that doesn’t mean the belief is gone.

Superstitions and bad ideas don’t disappear just because there’s a law against them. If anything, people who think sorcery is real may just think they’re being persecuted.

Still, the video offers a fascinating glimpse at how one person is trying to overcome irrationality.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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