Catholic Priest Caught on Tape Snorting Cocaine in Home Filled with Nazi Memorabilia

I don’t know what part of this story is worse.

That a Catholic priest, Father Stephen Crossan, was caught on video doing drugs.

That he was snorting cocaine in his home through a £10 note.

Or all the Nazi memorabilia in the background.


Father Stephen Crossan, 37, was seen sniffing a large line of the drug through a note while chatting to a pal in a room full of Nazi memorabilia.

He places a cigarette in an ashtray and seems to say “I shouldn’t” before snorting white powder off a plate in a video obtained by the Irish Sun on Sunday.

The incident took place last July. Earlier this month, before the video was leaked, Crossan requested an “extended leave of absence from the priesthood.”

Maybe a burning bush sent him a sign.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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