Peter Fonda Will Co-Star in Netflix Movie About American Atheists Founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair

As we learned last July, Netflix will be airing an original movie later this year based on the life of murdered American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair:


The Most Hated Woman In America will star Melissa Leo (The Fighter). The director is Tommy O’Haver (An American Crime).

And just announced yesterday? Actor Peter Fonda will join the cast:

Fonda will play Reverend Harrington, a con-artist preacher who partners with O’Hair to do a tour of revival meetings to prey on the God-fearing aspect of his followers. Leo will portray O’Hair, the outspoken and overbearing founder of American Atheists, whose eloquent, impassioned speeches in favor of separation of church and state were much at odds with her unethical business practices.

O’Hair was notable for her outspoken anti-religion rhetoric and for helping remove mandatory Bible readings from public schools.

Last year, Vanity Fair Confidential, a show on the Investigation Discovery network, aired a special focusing on the nature of her death.

Netflix hasn’t announced exactly when the movie will premiere, but Deadline says filming is slated to begin on Monday.

(Image via Wikipedia. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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