The Ark Encounter Theme Park Will Feature an Animatronic Noah. Great! I Have Lots of Questions…

Apparently, one of the highlights of the soon-to-be-opened Ark Encounter Theme Park will be an animatronic Noah who will answer your questions.


Noah will appear three times total at the Ark Encounter, once per deck, including one time as an animatronic who likes to answer questions. The photo above is the first look at the animatronic Noah’s face. He’s just had the final touches for molding. His neck looks odd because it has to fit into the body like a puppet, which will allow the head to turn and nod. He was sculpted with a “pocket mouth” so his mouth will open and close. His eyes will look left and right, and blink. Of course, he still needs some hair and plenty of other enhancements before he’s ready for his debut on the Ark when it opens on July 7, 2016, but we think he already looks kind, youthful, and strong.

And white. Very, very abnormally white for someone who supposedly lived in what is now the Middle East…

Anyway, I’m glad this Noah is taking questions since I have a bunch of them:

— Where did all the poop go during your journey?
— Where are the remains of the Ark now?
— Why does your story so closely resemble the Epic of Gilgamesh?
— How did you know when you had two of every animal?
— How did you know all the animal pairs could breed? How did you check for their ability to mate?
— How did you get the animals that didn’t exist in your geographical area?
— How did all the plant species survive the flood?
— Given all the species of animals that had to be on the Ark, do you realize how long it would have taken for all of them to board?

— What have they done to you? Blink twice if you want me to save you.

I’m sure you can add even more to the list.

Thanks for the toy, Ken Ham! I can’t wait to put Noah to work.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Tom for the link)

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