Outside the GOP Debate, There’s a Man Walking Around in a Donald Trump Penis Costume

Thanks to Satanist activist Chaz Stevens, a self-described troll, this phallic-looking man was walking around the campus where tonight’s Republican Debate is taking place:


“Really, who in the audience doesn’t think Donald Trump isn’t a dick,” said [Church of Satanic Activism] founder Chaz Stevens. “For a blow-up penis suit, our made-in-China models feature cutting edge technology — gold confetti will spew forth and the energy-efficient inflation device will make sure these dicks are ready to answer the call. Even a call at 3am.”

You can call it obscene. You can call it vile. But it’s still classier than any of those guys up on the debate stage tonight.

"Booooooo.They wait until they are small children first."

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