Female MP in Iran Could Lose Her Job Over Alleged Cross-Gender Handshake

Minoo Khaleghi, a reformist politician in Iran, may be kicked out of the country’s legislative body because of a very grave matter indeed: her opponents say they have photos of her shaking hands with an unrelated man.

Hussies with man cooties are barred from the Iranian parliament (obviously).

A newly elected female MP in Iran is to be barred from entering the next parliament apparently because she is alleged to have shaken hands with an unrelated man during a trip abroad.


Minoo Khaleghi, a reformist politician and environmental activist, has denied claims about the handshake, which would be illegal under Iran’s Islamic law.

A fellow MP, Ali Motahari, sprang to her defense. Kind of.

“If she did shake a man’s hand abroad, it’s not going to be easy to prove and besides, it’s not wrong to shake an unrelated man’s hand with gloves on.”

That loophole is horrifyingly entertaining — about as much as the rule it seeks to evade.

(Photo of Iran’s parliament via Wikipedia)

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