Texas Militia Group Dips Bullets in Bacon Grease or Pig’s Blood To Fight the Coming Muslim Takeover

Why would you dip a perfectly good round of ammo in bacon grease or the blood of a pig? It’s simple for these members of a Dallas-area militia:

So that when you shoot a Muslim, they’ll go straight to hell. That’s what they believe in their religion.


Says one of the militia members:

The next step in jihad does not involve random sporadic attacks. They start killing people. They start slaughtering people wholesale. Do you really expect me to stand here and wait until we get to that point? I’m not going to wait until we get to that point. I’m going to start doing something about it now.

The group calls itself B.A.I.R. (Bureau of American Islamic Relations), and says that it

… stands in opposition (on all levels) of C.A.I.R. (and other Islamic organizations).

With guns and bullets and a surfeit of testosterone. This should end well.

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