The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is Angry That “Good for Nothing” Atheists Are Gathering in D.C.

When the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is having an aneurysm at your expense, you’re probably doing something right.

In this case, the very idea that atheists are coming together for a “Reason Rally” is driving him nuts:


They stand for nothing, believe in nothing, and many are good for nothing. Organized atheists are set to invade D.C. this weekend, holding a “Reason Rally.” The reason they are rallying is their professed belief in nothingness.

Most of the speakers are nobodies, an exception being Penn Jillette: He is known for his obscene rants against Mother Teresa. Besides bashing Christians, the speakers will discuss “climate change, LGBT rights, sex education, and social justice issues.” Exactly what the atheist perspective is on these issues is a mystery (if I may use that word). What is really striking, however, is that the rally is showcasing how important the atheist vote is, thus suggesting that their group-think community is anything but a home for “freethinkers.”

Donohue’s rant is all over the place. He can’t decide what he hates most, so he tries a little bit of everything.

The fact is we’re rallying in large part because many of us live in communities where we deal with Donohue-types all the time. It’ll be refreshing to be surrounded by sensible people for once. People who think, people who ask questions, people who don’t run away from science, people who aren’t so damn sensitive about their religious beliefs.

We may not agree on everything, but there will be a hell of a lot of overlap. We support church/state separation. We support policy decisions that don’t demonize people because of what some holy book says. We support candidates who understand that, when they’re in office, the Constitution matters more than the Bible.

If Donohue were really brave, he’d venture out of the basement he lurks in and check the event out for himself. Maybe he’d learn something… if that didn’t go against everything he stands for.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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