Snellville (GA) Police Department: We Should Live Under the “Rules of Law of God”

Good luck to all the atheists in Snellville, Georgia: The Police Department there apparently wants everyone in town to believe in the Christian God as if that would create peace on Earth.


The men and women of our department are so appreciative of the many messages of support, food and cards provided because of the senseless tragedy in Dallas. Let’s become ONE NATION AND ONE PEOPLE under God and learn again to value all life and the rules of law of God and man. Let’s once again treat each other the way we would want our families and ourselves treated. We ask God’s blessings and protection for all of us.

Which laws? The ones that say people who take the Lord’s name in vain should be put to death? The ones that require everyone to keep the Sabbath Day holy? The ones where we stone homosexuals?

We are, by definition, a society that is run under secular laws, not the Bible — and we’re better off because of it. It would be nice if the people in charge of enforcing the law figured that out.

I’m hoping whoever posted this just wasn’t thinking. In the heat of a tough week for police, I get the rush to write notes praising those who show their love for law enforcement. But that’s still no excuse to push out a public Christian message when they think no one’s going to care.

(Thanks to Catherine for the link)

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