Satanists Have Submitted a Glorious Application to Install a Baphomet Statue in the AR Capitol

The Arkansas legislature passed a bill last year allowing religious displays on the grounds of the State Capitol. It was all part of Republican State Senator Jason Rapert‘s plan to install a Ten Commandments monument. And just this past week, the American History & Heritage Foundation, Inc. filed an application to make that happen. If erected, it would be a three-ton, $25,000 homage to Christianity.

But we all know how this game is played. Christians will no longer go unchallenged when they attempt to promote their beliefs through the government. The Satanic Temple, always eager for equal treatment, filed their own application for an Arkansas monument earlier this week.

They were asked to submit more detailed information. And that’s what they did on Thursday.

Here’s what we now know from their extended application:

1) This is the glorious statue of Baphomet that may soon sit near the Ten Commandments monument:


2) The local point of contact is Jeff Matika, who has played with the band Green Day for the past several years.

3) To answer the question about where they’d like their monument to be placed, this was The Satanic Temple’s brilliant response:

1) Next to the proposed 10 Commandments monument on its left (within 20 feet)

2) Next to the proposed 10 Commandments monument on its right (within 20 feet)

3) Directly in front of the proposed 10 Commandments monument (within 1 foot)

I’ve read that over and over and it keeps getting funnier every time. “Directly in front… within 1 foot”! Ha!

It’s now up to Arkansas state officials to decide if they want to invite a lawsuit, like Oklahoma unwisely did, or accept that the Baphomet statue’s placement, wherever it ends up, will have come as a direct consequence of their own actions.

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