Louisiana’s Lt. Governor Saw a Cloud in the Shape of His State, So Everything Will Be Okay Now

Louisiana is suffering. 40,000 homes are in ruin. More than 4,000 people have spent at least a night in a shelter. More than a dozen people are dead. And it’ll be a long time before the parishes are back to normal, whatever that even means now.

But don’t worry! Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser knows God is on Louisiana’s side!



If God were truly watching over the state, maybe He could do everyone a favor, go back in time, and stop the goddamn flooding instead of peering through a cloud on His coffee break.

I know people are looking for any sign of hope they can get, but this is just pathetic. Even Nungesser ought to admit he’d rather have federal aid for recovery efforts than all the thoughts and prayers in the world.

(Thanks to @tulsaisweird for the link)

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