Irony Alert: Insurance Agency Won’t Cover PA Church Damaged in Flood Because It Was An “Act of God”

There was nasty flooding this week in Pennsylvania and the Connellsville Church of God was seriously damaged as a result.

Perhaps the saddest (and most ironic) thing about the destruction?

Their insurance won’t cover the damage because they’re calling it an “act of God”:


An “act of God,” for those not familiar with the terminology, is another way to describe natural disasters for which no one is responsible.

The church is insured by Church Mutual Insurance, Confer said. He said he was told by an employee there that the damage would not be covered because it was considered an act of God. A representative for the company said officials had no comment on the issue.

Volunteers spent Wednesday cleaning up mud and removing destroyed property from the church. Services will held Sunday in the church’s gymnasium since weight can’t be put on the sanctuary above the fellowship hall.

The irony is funny. The damage isn’t. Even if you disagree with their theology, they could use volunteers in the area to help with clean-up efforts. They also need wheelbarrows and pressure washers. Please consider helping out if you’re in the area.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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