Evangelical Christians Carried Donald Trump to Victory and They Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

According to preliminary exit polls (which ought to be taken with a grain of salt), evangelical Christians made up 27% of voters yesterday — the same proportion that voted in 2012 — and they were overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump.

This victory is on them as much as any other group, and they showed their true colors in electing a man who will come to represent them as Billy Graham once did.


According to ABC News:

Trump’s margin among evangelical white Christians has been huge — 81-16 percent. We have data just since 2004, but this is the widest GOP margin among white evangelicals in that time.

They didn’t just reluctantly vote for Donald Trump. They embraced him.

They rejected a proud Methodist and her former missionary running mate in order to support a man who can’t name his favorite Bible verse, can’t say whether he prefers the Old or New Testament, never asks God for forgiveness, rejects religious freedom for Muslims, thinks the biggest problem Christians face is the inability to say “Merry Christmas” in department stores, lies without effort, treats women’s bodies as his personal property and brags about sexually assaulting them, has been married three times, mocks the disabled, is condescending to black people, enjoys the support of the KKK, has given virtually no money to charity when it didn’t benefit himself, and doesn’t know the first thing about being “pro-life.”

They gave their votes to a guy like that so they could gain a majority on the Supreme Court, overturn Roe v. Wade, and force women to give birth against their will. It’s not just a disastrous policy, it’s inhumane.

This election confirms every stereotype people like me have had against evangelicals.

They don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. For all their talk about being like Jesus, they exhibit none of His supposed qualities.

And when we give them even more power, we should expect nothing but more bigotry and hate against the people who don’t look like or believe as they do.

If there are any decent evangelical Christians still out there, they need to disavow that label and speak out against what their faith has become. That doesn’t mean they have to reject Jesus — or Christianity as a whole for that matter — but if this is what it means to be an evangelical, what’s the benefit to sticking around?

It’s a policy cesspool. It always has been. Do you need more proof than you got last night?

(Image via Gino Santa Maria / Shutterstock.com)

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