After School Satan Club Holds First-Ever Meeting (But Not Without Protesters)

Yesterday, Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon was home to the first-ever meeting of an After School Satan club, and protesters were outside warning people against the club’s existence:


But that didn’t stop parents and their children from stopping by and having some fun with Satanic coloring books:



The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson Lucien Greaves told me he thought the event was a success… despite the setbacks:

Protesters were outside, a woman came in and yelled and swore at us in front of children, some people came in just to ask questions, but the first Open House for the After School Satan Club resulted in signed permission slips, so the club in Portland is established and will continue!

The next Open House is in Seattle, December 14.

Anyone upset about this group meeting should send their complaints to the (Christian) Good News Club. It’s only because they meet in elementary schools that the Satanists decided to give this a shot, too.

(Images via The Satanic Temple)

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