Bangladeshi Police Arrest Terrorist Linked to Murders of Atheist Blogger and Publisher

In August of 2015, 40-year-old Bangladeshi atheist blogger Niloy Chatterjee (who wrote under the name Niloy Neel) was murdered in the most horrific of ways.

In October, 43-year-old Faisal Arefin Dipon — a publisher of slain atheist writer Avijit Roy — was found dead in his office.

Bangladeshi police said this month that they have captured the prime suspect in both of those murders:

Khairul Islam alias Fahim, a leader of intelligence wing of the outlawed Ansar al-Islam also known as Ansarullah Bangla Team, was arrested from Kamlapur Rail Station area in Dhaka… said Masudur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of the Detective Branch of Police.

His arrest doesn’t mean Bangladeshi bloggers can sleep soundly at night. Terrorism doesn’t end with the arrest of one person. Until “blasphemy” becomes acceptable in that nation, as it is in every other civilized country, these attacks will continue.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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