A Memorable Letter to the Editor Asks What It Really Means to Convert to Christianity These Days

How about a slow clap for Jim Keller of West Reading, Pennsylvania for an excellent letter to the editor?



I am thinking about converting from agnosticism to Christianity, but I have a question: Am I to understand that as a Christian I can deny basic humanitarian assistance to penniless, homeless refugees from the Middle East, the same part of the world that Jesus called home, as long as I demonstrate proper outrage because Starbucks’ seasonal coffee cup isn’t Christmasy enough?

Yep. That’s how it works now. You also have to call a thrice-married, lying, bigoted presidential candidate a champion of your faith while treating his actual Christian opponent like someone who’s out to persecute you. It’s in the rulebook.

For what it’s worth, while this letter is being passed around online this week, it’s been around for more than a year.

(via Reddit)

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