A New App in Spain Lets You Summon a Catholic Priest to Confess Your Sins, No Matter Where You Are

I can’t tell if this is absurd or genius…

A new smartphone app developed by a Catholic priest in Spain allows you to summon a priest anywhere you are — kind of like an Uber — so that you can confess your sins. Because apparently that’s a thing people feel compelled to do at random times.

It’s called Confesor GO (yes, just like Pokémon), and more than 100 Catholic leaders have signed up to help absolve strangers’ sins.


Like a holier-than-thou Uber driver, they signal when they are available to listen to sins. Dispensing with anonymity, and the app provides basic information about the priests, like name, date of birth, and year of ordainment. There’s also a handy list of the Ten Commandments, in case you need a refresher on how many sins you’ve racked up since your last confession.

I give it another six months before it rebrands as Tinder for Priests.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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