The Miraculous “Fact That Everyone Isn’t Noticing” About 2017 is an Easily Disprovable Hoax

There’s a meme floating around online, spread by Christians, about how certain dates in 2017 all happen to fall on a Sunday.

You can see pretty quickly why so many people are sharing it on Facebook…


Fact that everyone isn’t noticing about next year. But it’s miraculous

1-1-17 Sunday
2-2-17 Sunday
3-3-17 Sunday
4-4-17 Sunday
5-5-17 Sunday
6-6-17 Sunday
7-7-17 Sunday
8-8-17 Sunday
9-9-17 Sunday
10-10-17 Sunday
11-11-17 Sunday
12-12-17 Sunday

This coming year is really going to be a blessing to us and our families in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

It is the simplest thing in the world to show why this isn’t true. Just check a calendar for yourself. While 1/1/17 was indeed on a Sunday, none of the other dates fall on the same day.

Here. I did the work for you.

2/2/17: Thursday
3/3/17: Friday
4/4/17: Tuesday
5/5/17: Friday
6/6/17: Tuesday
7/7/17: Friday
8/8/17: Tuesday
9/9/17: Saturday
10/10/17: Tuesday
11/11/17: Saturday
12/12/17: Tuesday

We can show this mathematically, too. Since Sundays are always seven days apart, if all these dates were to fall on a Sunday, they would have to be separated by a multiple of seven days.

What’s the difference between 3/3 and 4/4? Or 4/4 and 5/5? It’s always going to be 30 days (plus one more) or 31 days (plus one more) because that’s the length of a month.

Even going from February 2 to March 3, we’re talking a difference of 28 days (plus one more).

It’s never a multiple of seven.

This meme is simple to debunk… and yet if you search for the phrase “Fact that everyone isn’t noticing about next year” on Facebook, you’ll find countless examples of people sharing it and no end to commenters chiming in with words like “Amen!” or “It’s a miracle!”

It’s not a miracle. It’s math.

What’s sad is how many people refuse to check the facts for themselves even when it’s ridiculously easy to do so.

And that’s why Donald Trump will be our next President.

(Thanks to Runa for the link)

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