Jesus is Coming Back to the White House to Guide Donald Trump’s Hand in These Absurd Memes

These Jesus/Trump memes are getting a lot of traction on Christian Facebook pages…



It’s amazing how Jesus is guiding Trump’s little hand to take away health insurance from tens of millions of people, only to (maybe) replace it with something woefully inadequate.

This will all be very entertaining if and when Trump gets impeached, but it’s frightening until then. It’s not just the mixing of church and state — it’s the mistaken belief among conservative Christians that President Obama was against Jesus. That Jesus wanted nothing to do with a pro-choice Democrat. That the Christian president wasn’t legitimate.

Just remember: The same Jesus guiding Trump has no problem with a President who bragged about sexual assault, wants to tear apart immigrant families, and lies about anything and everything. That’s the Christianity that’s being promoted by the likes of Joshua Feuerstein when they spread these images.

The Biden/Obama memes were so much better.

"Silly Wabbit...FREE WILL!!!That's #2 in the Big Book of Jeebus Excuses, right after "Cuz Jeebus!"."

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